Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blue owls, blue dress

I recently gave in to the phenomenon that is Pintrest and, like everyone else, I am quite fond of it. I pinned this adorable photo of owl cupcakes to my "Yum Yum" board and knew that I HAD to make them. As cute as they are, building 50 mini owl cupcakes, takes a significant chunk of time.

 dress: Banana Republic resale
Cardigan: American Eagle circa 2003
Tights: Old navy
belt: Target
Boots: Seychelle's Romance

This dress is one of my many resale purchases that I am never quite sure if I bought it because I like the idea of it or because I actually like it. After belting it with a fitted cardigan, I remain on the fence. Not sure if I am a fan or not. It's just so much fabric that I do not know if the pretty details and the brand are enough to redeem it.

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