Sunday, January 22, 2012

Octo Love

 dress: resale
turtleneck: GAP clearance 
tights: Kohl's 
heels: Lela Rose for Payless clearance
necklace: Unpossible Cuts

Happy Dance! The weather cleared up this morning. I swear it was raining 5 minutes before I walked out the door to head to yoga. So I layered up with leg warmers and rain boots, got my umbrella. I was a block down the street before I realized that not only was it not raining but the skies were blue.
I never go to yoga at actual yoga studios. I have always gone to the classes at gyms I have belonged to. Today was my first foray into the studio yoga world. Holy monkey! It was amazing! probably TMI but I was all sorts of drenched in sweat (ewwww) and walked out feeling like a sweaty beast, albeit an amazing one!!! So long YMCA, hello expensive yoga classes.
This dress is one of the best resale purchases ever. Very versatile and how adorable is the heart cut out in the back. It is great in the summer worn alone. I layered a cardigan over it last winter. This turtleneck is a first for me. Me and turtlenecks go way back as sworn enemies. I had always insisted that I looked like a giant wiener in them. I stand corrected, I look awesome in turtlenecks.
I am so darn modest tonight :)

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