Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miss Car Washer

skirt: Banana Republic resale
top: JCrew resale
heels: Lela Rose for Payless clearance
tights: Sway (you can't tell but they are green)
necklace: Unpossible Cuts
Outfits like this one feel super teach-librarian like. Is it the glasses, the bun, the top buttoned all the way up, or perhaps the pencil skirt? I am thinking it is all of the above. Regardless, I am loving this kind of look even more than my go-to uber girly dresses and heels. I like the way this gorgeous, bib-style, lotus necklace (from Unpossible Cuts) looks over a buttoned up, button up. Even against a pattern like this plaid, to me, it's all about the necklace.
It is hard to believe how many of the shots I take end up with my eyes closed. I have a special talent there. And notice the 2nd photo. I had no idea that I could make a joker face. I don't think I could recreate that magic on command if I tried. Just wow. :)
On a completely unrelated note, this is NOT the ideal outfit to wear to the self service car wash. Not conducive to scrubbing and vacuuming my car at all. It did get lots of whistles though. Apparently, other people love the teacher-librarian look ;)

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