Tuesday, January 10, 2012

signs...especially stop signs

These are from before I left for Texas and just never made it up. 

 skirt: H&M
top: Forever 21
sweater: Kohl's
boots: Michael Kors resale
tigths: JCrew sale
necklace: unpossible cuts
Story...I went to go running in my neighborhood this morning. I had been wary of running at 5am in the city but decided if I did laps in my neighborhood, I should be fine. I get a few blocks and check my ipod to see what time I had started, and it says 12:24am. I stop and begin to fume thinking that the power has gone out and it is actually the middle of the night. I turn back toward my house and check the time zone app, still says 12 am. Check another app, same thing. I am super annoyed at this point wondering how I am going to get back to sleep, when I pass a cafe on the corner of my street. It has a giant clock inside that reads 5:15. Stupid ipod!! I don't know what happened but the good news was that I could turn back around and continue my run.
Then one block later, a car runs a stop sign and I have to leap out of the way to keep from being run over. Are these signs to stay in bed and skip the 5am runs.

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