Thursday, January 19, 2012


 sweater: Old Navy sale
button up: Limited (2001)
skirt: vintage
tights: Kohl's 
shoes: Forever 21
necklaces: gift (thanks family)

This has been the week of working late. PTA meeting, going to listen to an education reform speaker, presenting at our Parent Academy. We all have those kinds of weeks. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday and a weekend full of relaxation awaits. I read a funny post about introverts that is going around Facebook. I took the Myers Briggs personality test back in high school and I don't remember my full results but I do know that it said I am introverted. I agree, I have never considered myself an extrovert at all. Where extroverts recharge by being around people, I need my down time after being around a bunch of people. I have always been this way. Considering I spend 8 hours a day being bombarded by questions from 31 ten year olds, I need a bit of quiet by Friday. I used to ignore this and party it up all weekend. Then I would wonder why my weekends felt so disappointing come Sunday night.
As far as what I am wearing, this week made layering a huge MUST! I am rocking two pairs of tights and still taking these pictures may have been the only time I removed my coat all day. Brrrrr. Hello winter, you sly dog you. I think the last time I wore this sweater was as the Hamburglar for Halloween. Good times. The funniest part of that costume, was me running around the party all night accusing everyone of stealing my hamburger. I think they thought I was really committed to being in character...but no I honestly kept losing it. :)

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