Thursday, April 26, 2012

bad habits

This dress is an example of a relapse into an old bad habit. I used to ALWAYS buy clothes that were a size or two too big. And by used to I mean just a couple years back. I suppose I was trying to hide my shape in shapeless, oversized clothes that hung poorly on me. Around the time I started blogging I gradually began buying clothes that fit me well. That coinciding with blogging and seeing tons upon tons of pictures of myself in many, many different has helped me so much to learn what looks good on me. Granted, my judgement fails me at times :) I wanted this dress and convinced myself that an XL would work if I belted it and covered it with a cardigan. I was wrong. I have worn it twice now and it's not working. I've got it cinched back on both sides and the fit is just off. I could have just deleted these but thought I'd throw them online. Maybe it will keep me honest...and away from clothes that don't fit.

dress: Jason Wu for Target clearance
sweater: JCrew resale
sandals: Lauren Conrad clearance
belt: Target

water marbled nails

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