Friday, July 27, 2012

everything is better on vacation

skirt: Anthro clearance
peplum blazer: Anthro clearance
polka dot top: Old Navy
heels: Target
giraffe necklace: [un]possible cuts 
 sunglasses: Target

Summer school ended yesterday and I am officially on summer vacation. And how do I kick off my first morning of vacation you ask? By completing an online food handler certification and watching an episode of glee. But it's okay because no matter how mundane your day, life is just better on vacation. 

I bought this lovely lace skirt and peplum blazer with the last of my birthday money. Lace and peplum are favorites of mine so they had to be paired together. I love these bright, happy colors...these shoes however are gonna have to go. As far as Target shoes go, they are the exception...super uncomfortable. So cute, but painful after 5 minutes. How I wore them for even a half day of teaching is beyond me. I will rave about how comfortable Target shoes are to anyone I meet, so I am so disappointed that these never broke in :(

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