Tuesday, July 10, 2012

worth the wait

 skirt: Nordstrom Rack
top: Kohl's sale
wedges: Lela Rose for Payless
flag pendant necklace: [un]possible cuts

Buying a long flowy, pleated skirt like this has been a long time coming. I have been talked out of and talked myself out of purchasing one multiple times. They never fit quite right...the fit, material, length, quality was always off. Apparently it was because this gorgeous number was out there waiting for me to scoop it up from the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack. I was actually in the fitting room trying this skirt on last month. I was standing in front of the mirror debating whether to bypass it as I had many similar skirts. As I turned this way and that, another woman walked up to the the mirror and complemented me on the skirt. We got into a discussion about whether I should buy it and chatted for a few minutes. As I turned to go back to my fitting room she offhandedly asked how much it was. I kind of frowned as I told her "$30" implying I thought it might not be worth it (mind you it was originally almost $200). She rolled her eyes and told me I was crazy and to buy it immediately.

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