Monday, July 9, 2012

sneaky sneaky

 skirt: GAP clearance
top: Forever 21
boots: Romance by Seychelle's
Don't tell, but I am NOT supposed to be up here. And I know this. But seriously, when you have a beautiful rooftop with sweeping scenic views, you bend/break the rules. You creep quietly up the staircase that is off limits, unlatch the chain barring the doorway, ignore the sign telling you to stay off the roof, push open the door, and step outside. At least that is what you do until you get caught :) Then, well I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
I am happy to have found a new photo location. Even if I do have to be sneaky to utilize it. I also have, on loan, a new camera. I am using my sister's digital camera again. Being able to use a tripod makes things so much easier than having to find places to prop my camera phone.

Yesterday, I pulled out two items that have typically been part of my fall wardrobe. This yellow pleated skirt was a favorite of mine year before last and I have worn these Romance boots to death. I have always tucked tops into skirts as leaving things untucked isn't usually flattering on me. Like I mentioned the other day shapeless and curves aren't a good match. Definition and structure are best. That being said, I found that this looked better left untucked. Could be that the sheerness paired with a lacy bandeau underneath left less to the imagination ;)

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