Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not the 4th

 skirt: H&M
top: Anthro clearance
platforms: Jeffery Campbell
hella necklace: [un]possible cuts

Despite my color combo here, this is not what I wore on the 4th of July. This morning, because I am incapable of sleeping in (barring heavy sedatives), I was up before 7am. I had perfect Saturday plans...meeting up with some girlfriends of grab brunch and walk the farmer's market. But since all other normal, single adults sleep in on the weekend, I had a few hours to kill until I could text them to meet up. So I did laundry, cleaned my apartments and FINALLY hung some pictures.

This outfit is loose and flowy enough to be comfortable but still cute. It's actually too shapeless for a someone curvy like myself. I thought I could pull it off because the skirt is so short but I won't be putting these two together again. I think shorts would have been a better fit with this top.

I had the most delicious brunch EVER! Burrata, heirloom tomatoes and basil on toast. Words can not fully express the tomatoes and this is from a girl who grew up hating tomatoes with a burning, fiery passion. I am thinking of making another trip down to the farmers market to pick up some tomatoes. Don't yuou just love having a Saturday afternoon of leisure. My time is normally so scheduled that afternoons like this are such a treat. Here's a peek at my morning's efforts. I have a little studio so this shows my "living room" corner.

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