Wednesday, December 1, 2010

bringing "old lady" back

My best friend makes fun of this vest, she says it's an old lady vest. Well, if old lady vests are wrong, then I don't want to be right. I love this vest. I bought it dirt cheap at Plato's Closet in Dallas. It is one of my favorite things yet had been sitting in my closet, unworn and unloved for over a year. I am officially bring it back. Hell, I'm bringing old lady vests back. Get ready.

Today in a coffee shop two women came up to me in line to ask me to take off my purse so they could get a better look at my vest. They asked if I made it myself. I wish I was so crafty! I would make one in every color!

Vest: from Plato's Closet
ButtonUp: GAP
Belt, Shoes, Earrings: Target
Skirt: Banana Republic (resale)
Tights: Kohl's


  1. I approve of the vest! I have a pair of oxfords I bought at Value Village known among my friends as the "old man shoes." You gotta embrace the craziness of fashion, right?

  2. For sure! I'm digging the oxfords too. Not sure that I can pull them off.

  3. i love your tights. the color is so nice. :)

  4. These wine tights paired with your red lips - to die for! So chic :)

  5. i love this outfit! one of my faves all week :)
    i've had a similar vest sitting in my closet, unworn, for over a year now. will you help me style it to look as cute as yours...?

  6. Thanks Rach and Greer! I love these tights. They have a small hole in the toe but I nail polished it up because I sooooo don't want to toss them!
    Kyoko, you know I am always down for fashion show!

  7. I love that skirt! Pairing it with those tights and peep toes was a brilliant combination.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. This outfit is all kinds of awesome. Love the sweater vest/patterned skirt combo.