Wednesday, December 29, 2010

taking it back a bit

I mentioned earlier this month that i was hoping my cousin would share the photos she took of her visit. Excitement!!!!! She finally did! So, if you allow me, I am going to rewind to the beginning of December. My cousin Steph and her husband Jason came to visit me and I took them wine tasting. Six vineyards and way too much wine made for a ridiculously fun day.

It makes not sense but as the weather got colder this winter my dresses got more summery. This dress being an example. you can't tell but it is backless with a giant heart cut out. I didn't want dark tights to take away from the summery aesthetic but wanted something on my legs. I am super sad that I ripped these nude fishnet hose this very evening. I think next time I would chose a different belt.

Dress: Delicia resale and altered
Cardigan, belt: Target clearance
fishnets: Kohl's
Boots: Seychelle's

All Photos taken by Jason (my cousin's husband)


  1. Love those boots, lady! i've got a similar pair, only mine are flat. Do your's have a bit of a heel to them? haha Love the reindeer!

    I live about an hour from livermore, ca, which is an area fullll of wineries, let I have yet to have ever been wine tasting. I should do it when the weather gets warmer!

  2. Love those boots! Looks like you had fun with your cousin!