Tuesday, December 21, 2010

still finding my groove

My little blog is still pretty new and I am still trying to find my rhythm. Taking pictures and posting daily is my goal. I just haven't gotten there yet. Even when I do take pictures I don't always get them up.
So here I am, yet again, playing catch up. Loser.
me, not you :)

Saturday was a farmers market, shopping with the roommate day. I intended to buy Christmas gifts but instead went ape shit crazy at the mall. All those sales on clothes and it's so much easier to buy for myself. I know exactly what I want! Boo me! In my defense, I had immediate buyers remorse and returned most of it the next day. Having come to my senses, I then bought Christmas gifts as I originally planned. it was just a temporary leave of my senses. This tends to happen in close proximity to clothing.

That being said, I am officially on a shopping freeze...for myself and clothes. I have enough...for now.

Saturday: Farmer's Market and devil-mall

Cardigan, necklace: Target
top: GAP
cords: Jcrew resale
boots: Seychelle's
ring: Rings Eclectic by melanie lynn

Saturday night: Holiday party at Cupcake Dangerous' casa

Dress, belt: H&M clearance
Cardigan: target
fishnets: Kohl's
Platforms: Jeffery Campbell

Monday: Buyers remorse redemption

red cardigan: American Apparel resale
grey sweater: Old Navy clearance
T-shirt: gift
skirt, shoes: target clearance
fishnets, knee-highs: Kohl's


  1. lots of people were commenting on your hot dress!

  2. yeah, I got a bunch of compliments. Tight and low cut will get em every time ;)