Wednesday, December 15, 2010

double trouble

Oh how life gets busy. I am still having trouble with getting outfit photos in while it is light out. Also, I have been trying to take better care of myself. Leaving work at a decent hour, getting to the gym, sleeping for 8 hours. My sweet little blog got kind of shuffled aside. Shame on me!
I'm going to post both Saturday and today's outfits.

On Saturday I went to the city to visit my friend Jessica of Cupcake Dangerous. We have known each other for 20 years! How crazy is that?? She is doing a 30 cupcakes in 30 days challenge and I have been desperately wanting to get in on the cupcake tasting at her place. So I crossed the bay bridge and "helped" her with her baking. And by helped I mean ate cupcakes and talked. Jess is my San Francisco tour guide and has been since I moved here 2 years ago. So true to form she took me to two places I've yet to try. Sushi Zone and Zeitgeist. Cupcake tasting seemed like as good a reason as any to get dressed up. I attempted to dress this dress down. Not sure if I succeeded.

Dress: Kohl's sale $35
Cardigan: Target $18
Tights: GAP $10
Boots: Steve Madden clearance $50

And on to today. As I said I have not been posting and I kick myself daily for it. I was happy with how today turned out. It was a morning where I woke up with no outfit in mind. I pretty much just added layers until i ended up with this. These wine tights make everything fabulous.

Cardigan: American Eagle (circa 2003)
Dress (worn a a top): H&M $25
Skirt: Banana Republic resale $20
tights, belt: Kohl's $6, $10
Heels: Target $20


  1. Mmm, cupcakes! Hehe :D.
    Love your style!
    I love that your pictures are so fun instead of the boring old moody stare at the camera (I am a criminal of this!)
    Love your blog!

  2. yessss. It was a good excuse. And good outfits. I'm serious. I need your help.