Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I was told today that this outfit reminded them of Where's Waldo. Ummm, pretty sure that was not a compliment. haha! You can't please everyone. I felt like wearing some bright colors today. Actually, I really just wanted to wear this blue cardigan. It has an odd shape but, you know, you throw a belt around anything, add some tights and viola! That's been my formula for the past few months.

I obviously did not look outside this morning when getting dressed. I opened the door to leave and immediately regretted my choice of wedge sandals with tights. Not smart! However, I rarely factor in the weather when getting dressed. I usually wear what I feel like wearing, appropriate or not. I somehow managed to make it to school and home without drenching my feet! Take that rainy Wednesday!

Cardigan, skirt: GAP clearance
Shoes, shirt, necklace: Target
Tights: Kohl's

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