Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inspired by: keiko lynn

I'll admit that this is a whole heaping lot of a hodgepodge. Honestly, I have not idea where this outfit came from. I dove into my closet and came out with this. I feel like it's kinda weird but that's why I like it. I've been reading keiko lynn's blog for a while now and it is one of my favorites. The blog itself is heavily outfit driven, which I love. And her style is impeccable. So sweet and girly but not overly so. Ruffles, bows, sky high heels, knee highs and tights galore. She layers so well. What's not to love I ask you?

So I love her style and was planning to use her as my Thursday inspiration. Last night I was scrolling through her page waiting for my "aha!" moment and nothing was taking hold. So I got up and started rammaging through the closet. Really, it was her whole look that inspired me, in all it's ruffly, jacketed, belted, heeled glory. I layered this sheer cobalt dress over a tiered ruffle skirt. I added the red bow belt and heeled mary janes. Then topped it off with a long gray cardigan, hoping to tone down the explosion of red, white and blue. I seriously looked at this and was like "hell no," took the whole thing off and started form scratch because I was like, "I just freaking wore these colors today!" But my mind kept coming back to this outfit. Sometimes I put something on, know that it is kind of out there and that just makes me want to wear it more. This inclination has definitely left me walking around looking ridiculous more than once.

Dress: Sway clearance
skirt: Anthropologie
Sweater, Button up: Target
MaryJanes: Target (cicra 2003!)
Bow belt: H&M


  1. Awesome layers! Tres Keiko.

  2. You're right, this outfit is totally Keiko's style! I love the red bow!