Wednesday, March 2, 2011

back in the classroom

skirt: GAP clearance
cardigan, boots, necklace: Target
button up: Old Navy clearance
tights; Kohl's

Is anyone super excited to see classroom shots again???



Awwwwww...I just can't get out the door in time to take outfit photos at home. I know the glorious scenery of the stucco walls of my building is vastly more visually stimulating than my student's art work. :) The glamorous peeling paint and maroon painted cement are striking beyond belief. And the weeds up on the terrace...lovely!!!!

Alright, I'll admit it... I do not have the guts to take my pictures beyond the gate of my building or to step outside of my classroom. There are bloggers I follow whose style isn't really my taste but who take amazing pictures. Then there are bloggers whose style I adore whose photos leave something to be desired.
I could choose a better setting myself but I am just not in a position to do that right now. Hopefully you can appreciate this for what it is :)


  1. i love everything about this outfit.

  2. I think the classroom is just adorable! You made it super cute:) I love the twirl and color of your yellow skirt!


    The House in the Clouds

  3. oh my goodness! that skirt. i'm in love. so flowy and beautiful! looks great girl :) work those classroom shots!!

  4. Beautiful skirt, I love the color!