Sunday, March 20, 2011

as the sun peaks out

jacket, pants: Old Navy Clearance
boots: Steve Madden clearance
sweater: GAP clearance
blouse: Nordstrom Rack cleanace

I have to say this weather is KILLING me! Ugggggghhhhhh! I wish the rain and gloom would give it a rest! I am so tired of being cold. Tired of sleeping in my Uggs. I'm over it. Unfortunately the forecast for the week says that it hates me because the rains gonna keep on coming. So here is me embracing the cold, drizzily weather. Boots, pants, layers, "fur". Okay, I give in. This is me wearing something appropriate. Suck it rain.


  1. Hey!! I just joined as a follower(for some strange reason my blogger profile photo isnt showing though??) anyway.. you have aWESOME outfits.. I love your funky style girlfriend.. you look so fun and creative. .I am excited about new ideas I can learn from you!! My friend is coming to Texas in May to do the Ironman there.. its supposed to be really hard!!! oh I dont envy her and that heat!! OUCH!! LOL

    nice to meet you!! xoxo Jodi

  2. you and your blog are way too cute! i love how you wore those boots. following you now =)