Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the crazy talking

I saw Black Swan tonight. Yes I am one of those losers and ignores all the buzz about a movie until it wins all sorts of awards. Wow, it was intense. I think my body was tensed up in discomfort for her the entire movie.
Today I was totally feeling the need for something floaty and feminine. This skirt is a dress I bought a few years back at Forever 21. Oh, Forever 21 with your super affordable clothes that shrink up and fall apart all too quickly. No idea how this dress has held up this long. Probably because it was relegated to the back of my closet for a year. Welcome back to the rotation little white dress. After that movie my brain is wiped. I am talking to Forever 21 and my dress via my blog. Oh, it's time for bed.

skirt: Forever 21 dress
sweater: GAP
tights: GAP
shoes: Kohl's
Coat: Ann Taylor resale

PS I still love you dress and forever 21.


  1. you are the best dressed teacher i have ever seen! love your outfits.