Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspired by: Orchid Grey II

skirt, belt, shoes: Target
tights: Kohl's
sweater: GAP clearance
fur collar: H&M

This translation would be be called more literal I'd say. As in, I am just straight up recreating one of my favorite outfits Julie of Orchid Grey has worn. I tried once before and wasn't trying to recreate it, just used it as inspiration and I HATED the way it turned out. Now months later, it is still one of my favorite looks so I just had to copy it. There, I said it. I copied her look. I hesitated a half second because of the length and style of the skirt. Not what I would normally wear to teach. But I decided that the opaque tights drew attention away from the shortness and the fur collar added a more mature dimension in contrast to the girlie-ness of a pink ballerina skirt. Once I got to school, I felt totally comfortable. I don't think it was inappropriate at all.

I am so glad I finally got around to wearing this. Such a fun outfit!


  1. I love the tutu-ish feel to this skirt. It is lovely!

  2. I love this outfit! And I LOVE OG! She is so dang cute! And so are you...I covet the crap out of that skirt! I have one similar to it...but it has roses at the bottom:)If you’re wondering how I found you, it’s because you follow another lovely blogger I follow (my fellow Oregonian Coffee and a Cardigan). If you could follow back I’d appreciate the support I'm pretty new to blogging! And I love followers more than fluffy, warm, banana pancakes!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, hun! Adore this, your pink skirt is SO cute, loving the skinny belt & purple tights, it's beautifully styled. Great to find your blog, you have fabulous style. xx veronika

  4. This is so girly and cute. It looks great on you! I love that fur collar! How nice that you took these photos inside your classroom!