Tuesday, January 31, 2017

bump week 33

 dress: Old Navy maternity
sweater: Old Navy maternity
sash: David's Bridal
boots: Target

My last shower was in Houston this weekend. It was all family and I had such a great time celebrating baby with my aunts, parents, siblings, and cousins. It was yet another beautiful party and I was both amazed and humbled by the love put into each detail. My favorite part was when everyone shared a memory. Some of them had be in tears as my relatives are quite the comedians.

This week it feels as though someone has taken a bicycle pump and inflated me. The swelling, the belly...fun times :) Despite that, still feeling good, though my OB warned me that after week 32 "the party is over" for most pregnant women.

Now that the showers are over, it's time to finish setting up baby's room. And write thank you cards. And pack a hospital bag. And finalize my maternity leave. And plan for my substitute. Ugh! Long to-do lists are my nemesis.

Monday, January 23, 2017

bump week 32

ankle boots: Target
dress: Motherhood Maternity resale
vest: Paperline Boutique

After freaking out about my hands and feet swelling last week, I wore flats for a few days, took walks with my husband, drank tons more water, and put my feet up whenever possible. It has definitely helped return my appendages to normal size and I feel relieved. I think I just am in the habit of going nonstop from dawn til dusk and I have to make myself slow down. 

Otherwise, all is well. I relocated all of baby's stuff from the dining room (which it had taken over) to her room. I have one more shower this weekend in Houston and then it will be time to take stock to make sure we have everything we need for her. Jeremie reminded me that while I have 8 weeks until her due date, both of us came early (I was 5 weeks early and he was 2). I tend to procrastinate so the thought of her coming early scares the crap out of me. Mainly because of work. I feel like I have so much to do to prepare for my long term sub. Rationally, I know it will all be fine and work out...but I keep telling her to stay put until March 17th. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

bump week 31

 dress: Target
cardigan: J Crew
ankle boots: Kohl's

This past weekend my best friend threw me a baby shower. It was actually my second shower, as my other dear friend surprised me with a Bay Area shower when I went to visit in November. That shower was smaller and more intimate. This shower was much bigger with lots of friends, coworkers, family, and family friends. I have been so humbled by the love and support people have showered us with as we get ready to enter with new phase of our lives. I'm so lucky to be able to share my excitement with the people I love both in California and Texas. I have one more shower in two weeks. It's down in Houston because all of my extended family live in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Dallas would have been too far of a drive for most of them to come to the Dallas shower.

I went shopping before this shower, thinking I would find a dress to wear. When the day came, I decided to go with a non-maternity dress that I've had from a couple years ago. It was stretched to capacity but I liked the color. Jeremie keeps commenting that I can't get any bigger. I tell him to just wait and see.

Still feeling good. Heavy, but good. My rings and shoes have been more snug, so I think that 3rd trimester swelling is happening. Not excited about that. The past week or two I have been staying up later...10-11 pm. This week I am back to early bedtimes because I have been more tired once again.

Finally, I started setting up the baby's room. My dad and I put together the crib, I bought a used glider off craigslist, and she has more newborn clothes than she could ever have time to wear. Jeremie says I'm nesting, but it's hard to not spend all my spare time reading baby books, organizing baby stuff, and making plans. It's all consuming. Enjoyable, but all consuming.

Monday, January 9, 2017

bump week 30

sweater: Motherhood Maternity
leggings: Target
ankle boots: target
jacket: H&M Mama
scarf: J. Crew

I was right. I couldn't find time to take photos last week once I went back to work. Even today, I finally rushed out and realized that by the time I got home, the light would be gone. I snapped my photos in the parking lot so not to miss golden hour. So here I am in week 30 and getting bigger every day. She's growing something like half a pound per week. Ten weeks until my due date and I am running out of clothes that fit. I am going to have to just cycle through the same few maternity outfits each week. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

bump week 28 part 2

top: Motherhood Maternity
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Target
jacket: Forever 21

Week 28 again. I may be getting overzealous with the bump posts, or maybe I finally have leisure time for the first time in a long time. School starts back shortly and I imagine I will be overworked and exhausted again. Well, not exhausted. Since being pregnant I go to bed around 8:30 or 9, so I am not exhausted. But going to bed that early leaves no time for anything but my ridiculous 9-10 hour work day, dinner, and one episode of the Office before I am ready for bed. Jeremie tells everyone how I try to start dozing off on the couch around 7:30 and it's true some nights.

I will probably laugh at myself in a few weeks and take this back, but I have really been loving pregnancy. I have felt great and love the experience of growing and changing as our baby grows inside me. Granted I've been lucky thus far. Hardly any nausea in the first trimester and overall I have not had any difficult side effects or symptoms. Again, I am sure my days are numbered, but I am truly enjoying them.