Thursday, May 19, 2011

change is gonna come

top: H&M resale
skirt: Target sale
shoes: Target
necklace: Sway
slip: vintage from New Bohemia

what a week! This week is by far the longest ever. I had the amazingly exciting news of finding a place in the city. Then I officially lost my job. I am still riding the high of moving while dealing with coming to terms with the reality that the job I have been placing all of my hope and energy into, isn't going to happen. I feel wiped out.

That being said, I am alright. I have jobs I am applying for and it is exhilarating to open myself up to change. Crazy to think that it was only one week ago today that I decided to finally go for it and started looking on craigslist for a place in the city. Just one short week and huge changes have taken place and a new course has been set in motion for me.


  1. There are not words for how much I love this outfit! You look so happy and just gorgeous in these pictures....very creative! And best of luck with everything honey. Really, everything will work out ok! LOVE!

  2. This is cute!! I'm currently experimenting with ways to dress professionally for work, *I'm archiving this*

  3. I love your top and the skirt. the colors look great together.

  4. You house is styled so well.. I see those bits of Mid Century Modern :)

    Moving is always stressful.. sorry you have to deal w the unfortunate news as well... You'll persevere! :)