Monday, May 16, 2011

restored faith

dress: vintage
cardigan: GAP sale
boots: Seychelle's sale
tights/belt: Target
necklace: Sway

Wow! I sure do look dour when I don't smile. I guess that would explain people telling me to smile when I am not. Granted I am, generally, a pretty, smiley person.

I didn't have many photos to choose from because I get nervous when I venture out to take photos. I try to take them as quickly as possible and then run away. So I posted this "dour Aubrey" photo because this blog isn't about, "Oh look at how pretty I am." It's about sharing a love of fashion and expressing myself.

Today my faith in moving and finding good roommates and a lovely place was renewed. This weekend I saw some places in great locations with nice, good people but it just wasn't a fit. I started questioning whether I would have to compromise on things I felt strongly about: having a connection with my roommates vs being a stranger in a room, clean and uncluttered space being the two biggest. But today, oh today, I saw a place that restored my hope. Please let them choose me!!!


  1. Yeeesss. Orange-pink is in fashion this year :))

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  2. I like that you use the word "dour". It's wonderful. And your outfit is very cute, too!