Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prep School

Bloggers Do It Better. Prep School. I was stumped when I first read about this one. All the fashion challenges I have done so far have not been much of a stretch...all white, floral, maxi dress. These are part of my style. However, prep school. I do not own a tie, I am not super preppy. Not my cup of tea.
That being said, I had so much fun with this! Since I don't have a tie I had to get creative. This vest has a thick ribbon tied around the shoulder. I took it off and viola, tie...kind of. I had all the pieces for this challenge. Blazer, vest, button up I just don't usually pair them together.

I really wanted to wear a skirt for this but this skirt is far too scandalous, length wise, to wear to school. Especially bare legged with a blazer-vest combo. Way to school-girl for a school teacher. :) So after the photos I had to switch to grey cords for school. I got the best comments from my students!!! I was told I looked like a general and a Pokemon trainer. Then I was asked why I was dressed for 80's day. Finally I was told I looked like an American. ????? But I guess the last one let me know the outfit fit the challenge. What is more stereotypically all American looking than prep school? What do you think?

blazer: crazy old
vest: Forever 21
button up: Target
skirt: Sway
underskirt: Target
wedges: Seychelle's Hawk wedges

I just realized that my collar is sticking up in ALL of these photos! Ha!


  1. It looks great!! I love the mens-y top half & girly bottom half. Those shoes are fabulous!!

  2. I love your interpretation of a tie! (That's what I was thinking about doing too, until I borrowed mine from my friend.)

    14 Shades Of Grey

  3. I LOVE the ribbon detail you used!! Its so quirky-cute!! And the pins are just beautiful!!

  4. I love the mixing of colors. Very cute! And great shoes.

  5. i like your style.. the mixing of colors was unique. its truly amazing..
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  6. Great style! You look like an off-duty prepster!

  7. I like this... looks great!!

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  8. Love the items you have combined here, it works really well and you ribbon tie is great!

  9. Love your Saychelles! I adore your mix, the underskirt is just the BEST touch!

    I’d love it if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “Prep School”—you might find something to smile about anyway! See you there!

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    The Chief Blonde

  10. You look fabulous! I love the colors and the ribbon makes a perfect delicate tie!


  11. I love the way you styled everything ! I also did the challenge and it was so much fun :)
    I am following you and I hope you'll like my blog too and follow back, kisses from Italy !

  12. LOL i can sooo see where they got the pokemon trainer comment. I didnt know the kids were still into that! I used to be obsessed in elementary school.. and that was back in 2000!

    I also really like the ribbob/tie thing. Really does look great. And i wouldnt have noticed the collar at all! Buutt now that you mention it... :)