Monday, May 23, 2011

magic touch

skirt: Kohl's clearance
top: LC from Kohl's sale
sweater: Old Navy clearnace
vest: Nord. Rack clearnace
shoes: Target

The past two times I have gone to get my hair cut I have been so sick of these grown out bangs and been dead set on telling him to cut them short. I miss the versatility of wearing them forward or to the side or even down the middle (as much as my cowlick will allow). Admittedly I let months and months pass between visits...last got my hair trimmed in Nov!!! I obviously don't care all that much about what my hair looks like since I neglect it so. This scraggly mess is earned...deserved? So, back to my point. In Nov and this month when I went to get a bang trim I was done with the long bangs parted down the middle. And each time he managed to talk me into continuing to keep them long. I think it's that he seems so confident in this vision he has for my hair as it grows out. And I just don't care as much. All it takes is someone putting their hands in my hair and saying nice (and completely false) things about it and I do whatever they want. I am going to see him on Wednesday and could very well come home with a mullet.


  1. I'm just as indecisive with my hair! Since I'm getting married I have a goal to keep it long though! Great shoes!!

  2. I am soo picky about my hair. Although surprisingly, I recently chopped mostly all of it off!

    Cant wait to see the results of your cut! :)