Wednesday, May 4, 2011

saved by the season

Oh my gracious, today was the hottest yet! I love it! Bring on summer and more importantly, bring on summer vacation! This dress is an item that I bought a few years back and had been on the verge of getting rid of, then I rediscovered it and saved it from resale. It's a bit too long to wear with flats and it is far too low cut to wear without a layer under it. Also, it ties around the neck and I HATE things that tie around the neck. In my opinion, tie around the neck only works for ladies with less going on upstairs. For the rest of us it's just uncomfortable. I took the ties on this, crossed them in the back and safety pinned them and it makes this slightly less uncomfortable. I am so glad that Crossroads was not buying maxi dresses when I tried to sell it!


  1. Ok, I love this dress...and maxi dresses with heels in general. And I really love your stairs. So many great photo opps. Ok, Love ya girl!

  2. wow! That was such luck that you didn't end up getting rid of it! It looks awesome one you :) I'm trying to figure out a good way to wear my maxi dresses with flats, since I do tend to walk around a lot and I'm mostly in flats....but you can't argue with a good thing like heels!;)

  3. Good thing you didn't get rid of it!! I've been trying to look for a maxi dress, no success yet. You look cute!