Sunday, May 15, 2011

dressed to impress

contemplating whether I am crazy to give up this sunny front porch

blouse: ?? (resale)
skirt: no label (resale)
tights: Kohl's
oxfords: Frye resale
belt: Target

I braved public transport on the day of Bay to Breakers! I thought the city wouldbe a mad house but truthfully it was more like a ghost town. Regardless it made me further excited (not possible) for my move. "What move?" you may be wondering. I AM MOVING TO THE CITY!!!! So here I am all dressed and ready to win some possible future roommates over. Whether or not they were won remains to be seen :)


  1. i would totally want you to be my roommate! oh wait, you already are... :)

  2. LOVE this look! so so so cute :)