Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bringing the sunshine

Today got cold! The temperature in the air just took a nose dive. My response? Sundress, light tights, and a paper thin cardigan. It's not like I was pounding the pavement today. I had a baking day at a friend's house and was indoors. I will admit that the moccasins came out while we were baking. Even I am not so impractical as to pair my apron with heeled boots :)

These boots are my very first pair of Seychelle's. I've been lusting over heeled, lace-up, ankle boots. I decided since they are all expensive, I may as well shell out the money for a brand that has a reputation for comfort and quality. I originally bought a pair from Aldo but took them back in a fit of buyer's remorse.

This outfit made me feel sunny and bright despite the cold overcast day. I almost went with a marigold sweater but decided to tone it down. The grey works better. Have I mentioned that I looooove these boots.

Dress: H&M
Cardigan & Belt: Target
Tights: GAP
Boots: Seychelle's

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