Friday, November 12, 2010

shop often, shop cheap

Here goes my attempt to switch gears and change the focus of this blog. Farewell LiveJournal! Created to keep my family informed of my life happenings once I left Texas yet interest in blogging about life has waned. Having become a daily follower of way too many style and fashion blogs, I am inspired to start my own.
I worry that this endeavor is way to egocentric. Seriously, who cares what I wear everyday? You know what? I do! Life and work can be tedious and I get great pleasure out of fashion and clothing. My personal style is constantly changing as I try new things and add new pieces to my wardrobe. I get ideas from blogs, magazines and people on the street. This little blog will be my outlet, my means of further expressing myself.
Amateur photography on a crappy point and shoot that I have no idea how to use...check! Exciting locations like my living room...check! High fashion looks from target and thrift stores...double check! My name is Aubrey. I shop often and I shop cheap.

cardigan Anthropologie clearance, dress Sway, skirt Old navy clearance, belt Target, fishnets Kohls, socks Target, boots Steve Madden clearance


  1. yay!!!!!!! you're so cute in that self-consciously modest yet confidant way :) this is gonna be a great blog...

  2. I think fashion blogs are a weird concept too, but did that stop me? NO.

    It makes me dress better, if nothing else...

  3. I have those socks! Even though they are thigh highs, I do the same thing and lower them so they just peep out of my boots!