Monday, November 22, 2010

pole dancer from the Hamptons

Since starting this blog, I find myself pulling items out of my closet that I have never been able to make work. I all of a sudden want to try again...and post it on the everyone can see when the styling goes horribly wrong. Hmmm, I am now reconsidering my thought process here. Regardless, it's been fun.

This dress was purchased at Nordstrom Rack on clearance for like $10. I couldn't resist. $10!!!!!!! Even though it was super low cut and definitely too short for school. I bought it. And have only once worn it and felt comfortable (worn it twice knowing I looked dumb, many many missteps). So, yesterday I pulled it out yet again and attempted to make it work.

I like how it came together. This belt is new and is reversible!!! Black on one side and brown on the other. Two for one! Score! I tried a big, green, beaded necklace but took it off at the last minute as it seemed overkill. These shoes are also a Nordstrom rack purchase that I couldn't resist but never wear. To me these shoes say "pole-dancer from the Hamptons" They are super uncomfortable and after a few hours I had to change into flats. But for a few hours they made me feel sassy.

A random woman getting out of her car stopped me to tell me that she liked my outfit and it reminded her of the 60's. That, to me, says success. :)

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: Banana Republic resale
Belt: Target
tights: Kohl's clearance
Shoes: BCBG from Nordstrom Rack

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  1. love those shoes, and love how they work with that dress--a little edge to balance the sweet.