Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have had a busy weekend and have not had time to post anything from this weekend. And now, here it is Tuesday :(

On Saturday, I went shopping in the city with my roommate and my close friend. I do not make it to the city near as often as I would like. sigh. One day, one day. My original plan had been to wear a new dress but it was not fitting so well. I may have gotten the wrong size. I dove back into my closet and pulled out a dress that I have mixed feelings about. I kind of love it and hate it. I love the lace at the top with the weird not-quite denim material of the dress. But the elastic fake belt thing is too tight and a tad too high and ugly to boot. Also, I always forget how butt short it is until i have it on and am out and about. I all of a sudden catch my reflection in a mirror and think "holy moses, I am on the verge of flashing my goods here!" However, I keep trying to make it work.

My roommate vetoed this outfit but I stubbornly kept it on. I just liked it! Do yall ever do that? Where something that you've been told doesn't work or isn't cute because you like it. I do. Many many fashion missteps. Oh so many!

That being said, I still like this. Maybe it it's so wrong that it's right :) Do you love it or hate it?

(side notes: My roommate took these since we were running late. Can you tell how uncomfortable I am?? The last picture should leave no doubt :) Also, how fluffy is my hair looking?? Little reminiscent of a cocker spaniel's ears)

Cardigan: Old Navy sale
Belt (Huggie?): Sway
Dress: Sway
Tights: GAP
Booties: Target

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