Monday, November 15, 2010

vintage wannabe

So I like vintage dresses but i just haven't found a bay area vintage, resale shop that I adore. Scratch that, I haven't even found one to frequent. So anything vintage I own I buy from my FAVORITE place in Austin. I make my sister take me there every time i make it to Austin for a visit. New Bohemia Retro Resale. It's wonderful. Anything I buy there I get complimented on EVERY time I wear it. This dress is no exception. When random people in Walgreen's refer to you as the "lady in the pretty pink dress", you can't help but smile.

I wanted to wear this dress today but it's been chilly so i was stuck on how to layer it up. Last night I was trying to decide: What color tights, what shoes, what sweater? I got my roommate in on it and she pointed out that it was going to be in the 70's. Problem solved for now. I was just reading a post by Ordinarily Urbane about transition pieces. That is so where I am at right now! I am not ready to pack away my summer clothes. For one, the weather is so schizophrenic that I can still wear my summer clothes. And I just love them so :) As long as the weather indulges me, I'll keep the summer dresses in my circulation.

Cardigan: Target $10, belt: Target $15, vintage dress: New Bohemia $15, Oxfords: Frye thrifted from Mirabel $60


  1. I love those colors together. Mustard cardigans rule!!!

    So does New Bohemia, for that matter...


  2. I know right! I always find at least one new treasure every time I go!