Saturday, November 20, 2010

double day

Holy crap! I am tired. Fridays are my double days. I have two jobs and Friday is the day I work both. I wanted to at least share photos from this morning. Friday may have to be my challenge day. I usually try to wear as much black as possible because the uniform at my night job is all black. So, today is kind of blah. Wearing work clothes, sporting a messy, "didn't want to fix my hair" bun and wearing my glasses?? Yowsa! My solution? Overcompensate with extra make-up ;) Next week I will have to get more creative. My goal is to have to change as few pieces of clothing as possible.

I got these amazing skinny cords a few weeks back and love them! Thank you Old Navy because you have been rockin it as of late. Old Navy is so hit or miss. They either have nothing I want or a I leave spending more than I should. This latest trip was no exception. I went alittle crazy but I can't help it. Slap a clearance sticker on something (or 10 somethings) and I just can't reisist.

I just fell asleep with my computer in my lap. Time to wrap this up.

Cardigan: Target, Skirt: H&M, Cords: Old Navy, Shoes, Target


  1. I love how feminine that top is! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Going to go browse some of your outfits!


  2. LOVE that ruffle blouse...really smart looking outfit:) Thanks for stopping by my blog too:)

    I totally love your messy updo/bun.....I have the hair to do it...mine can just never end up looking so great.....whats the secret??

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  3. great pieces you're wearing!!

    (new post: Venice for a Day & follow me)