Monday, January 10, 2011

christening the new chair and bum catching

Yes these photos are silly but I just couldn't resist. It was cold outside! Plus I took today off and the light in the apartment was just right.

This outfit sends out all sorts of the wrong message though! Or prehaps it was just my mood...After taking these I headed to Berkeley and was walking through downtown. I was propositioned not once but twice!! First, I passed this young man who asked if I would like to snuggle. When I raised my eyebrow and walked by he just asked again. Then not two blocks later I passed another man who told me that if I would like to go to dinner, come back later and he would be waiting. Oh, yes! Did I mention that they were both bums. That is of course not the PC term but when they are my age, sitting on the side walk asking passersby for money and me for dates I am inclined to call them bums.

So I am now naming this my bum-catching outfit.

cardigan, skirt: Target
t-shirt: gift
tights: Kohl's
boots: Steve Madden clearance

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