Monday, January 24, 2011

red red red red red red and The Judds

Saturday was one of those really great weekend days. I had the laziest morning imaginable. Judge away, but I spent the better part of the day laying in bed watching the made for TV movie about The Judd's on youtube. During part 14 of 15 of this delightfully awful miniseries, I topped the morning off with a nap. It was fantastic. Normally this "waste of the day" would drive me nuts but for once I just went with it. Yay me!

Around 2 I finally got dressed. These red cords have been dying to make it out of my closet and it is long overdue. Considering I have been obsessed with finding a pair of red pants for months and that I bought these a month's about damn time I busted them out. I really like the brown shirt and the stand-out polka dots paired with these very noticeable red cords. I went neutral with the shoes and cuffed the pants. The bun and glasses were out of sheer laziness.

cords: GAP clearance
tank: Old Navy clearance
blouse: Target
heels: Target