Monday, January 3, 2011

Faking the funk

I was sooooo not ready to go back to work today. After 2 weeks off i had kind of convinced myself that I was going to be allowed to live a life of leisure indefinitely. Sunday rolled around and told me I was mistaken. So I vowed to make the best of this darn work thing. I went to bed early, got up early, and didn't stress myself out running around like a madwoman. It worked!!! Today was great!

A great dress and sparkly tights helped for sure. I have fiugured out a way around the whole no daylight hours to take photos. Take the photos at work!! Haha! Take that daylight savings!

I am embarrassed by how rumpled this dress looks! it was the end of the day :)

Dress: Nordstrom Rack clearance
tights: Anthropologie clearance
shoes: target
Ring: Rings Eclectic


  1. Lovely dress. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. That is one fine dress. Watch out, class!

  3. Hi!!
    Great blog!! We've just discovered you!!!
    The dress is not that bad for being the end of the day working with kids!! lol
    We're followers!! Hope you'll follow us as well!!