Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why hello 2011

After celebrating too excessively on New Year's Day, I decided to break out of the resulting funk by getting out of PJs and taking my first outfit shots of 2011. I got a new camera because my old one drowned in my purse when my stupid water bottle opened in it.

My body definitely told me that it would have preferred to remain in PJs and Uggs all day but I do feel moderately better having gotten all dressed and ready to greet the day. I wanted another go at this ballerina skirt. The first time I wore it I failed miserably. But I vowed to try again. it looks much better with flats. I would have preferred to wear it with a chunkier sweater but I don't have one.

So hello 2011! I am claiming you as my year! Yes, I know I claimed 2010 also but it worked out so well that I'm doing it again :)

skirt, flats: Target
cardigan: Banana Republic resale
tights: Kohl's
necklace: gift

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