Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspired by: Doll Parade

This week's inspiration came from a rather new blog called Doll Parade. She started blogging around the same time as I did. I stumbled upon her blog thru the usual tangled, spider's web of following one interesting link after another, until I halted at this outfit. It struck me as interesting and I just kept coming back to it. I received a huge, downy soft, shawl/scarf from my mom this Christmas and felt inspired to give it a try.

I stuck to her basic aesthetic of belting it with a simply, above the knee, black dress. Opaque tights and lace-up oxfords finished it off. This is definitely not the most flattering look on my body type but overall I liked it. If I wear something all day and by evening still feel good about it, that's all that matters. Not the number of compliments I received or even odd looks (which I get).

scarf: GAP
dress: GO International for target (clearance)
ballerina skirt(under): Target
tights: Kohl's
oxfords: Frye resale
necklaces: key-gift, short one-antique store
long necklace, earrings, belt: Target


  1. Love how you used that scarf and made it look like a poncho. Very cute on ya :)

  2. xo!


  3. Oh my goodness - you are too cute! I am soooo behind on blog reading and I cannot believe I am just coming across this. Well done, miss. I am beyond flattered that someone liked my look enough to create this. Kiss!