Friday, January 14, 2011

Casual Friday

I was not planning to wear anything worth posting today. Casual friday at work doesn't really inspire me. But I got dressed and ended up really liking how this casual look came together. maybe it's the side bun, which has now become my go-to updo. Or this new coral necklace. Or even these newish cords, that I forgot I had. I love it when that happens. You think your outfit is going to be "meh" and it ends up "wow".

cords: JCrew resale
tshirt, yellow cardigan, earrings, shoes: Target
blue cardigan: GAP sale
necklace: crossroads


  1. I love the variety of colors in the outfit; they're all so different, but you pull them together really well. :D

  2. thanks so much! I have been really feeling the bright colors lately