Sunday, January 16, 2011

Round 3 with the ballerina skirt

After being so excited about this skirt and failing miserably the first time I wore it, I have taken it as a challenge to make this skirt work. I wore it here and somewhat redeemed myself. Yesterday I wore it with these two cardigans (my new favorite thing) and my new black oxford wedges. I think this skirt shrinks each time I wash it. A few more trips thru the wash and it is not going to cover the necessary areas at all!!! Then I will have to retire it and I'll be sad :(

Another round of photos in the chair. It's only fair to disclose that I will never pass up the chance to take photos in this chair. Anytime I am home during the day and need to take outfit photos, I will be taking them in this chair. Just throwing that out there.

skirt: Target
Cardigans: Target
cami: Kohl's
tights: Kohl's
Shoes: Forever 21

After reading about PikaPika, japanese photo booth stickers, I finally went last week with my roommate and sister. Oh my goodness! It was awesome! We went back this weekend. We made a card for my friend and had way too much fun doing so :)

In the evening I got dressed up to attend my good friends' birthday dinner. My roommate and I took silly photos before we left the house.

Skirt: Old Navy clearance
top: GAP gift
blazer: old, can't remember
tights: Kohl's
shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Nordstrom Rack
necklace: gift

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