Saturday, December 31, 2011

party it up

skirt: vintage from the Alameda Antique Fair
t-shirt: Forever 21
heels: Steve Madden
Holiday outfit number two. At this party I want to be a bit more dressy. The sequin skirt is a stand out piece and to let it take center stage, I paired it with a navy, v-neck t-shirt. In keeping with the all blue theme I have been feeling lately, I wore these uber-awesome suede cobalt platform heels. I was ready to party :) I hope everyone has a safe, happy New Year's Eve. Party it up in all your fabulousness!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Party sparkles

top: Forever 21
t-shirt: Target
cardigan: Banana Republic
skirt" Target clearance
tights: Old Navy
socks: Kohl's
shoes: Forever 21
I am so behind on this and I figure I have one more day to get my two holiday party outfits posted. I went to two Christmas parties and I really embraced the whole sparkle theme. To my friend Rita's I dressed my sparkles down with some layers. A grey t-shirt under and a cardigan over. I still felt all fancy b/c I wore over the knee socks with fishnets.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

scenic route to Burnet

I had been back in Texas and have tons and tons of catching up to do. While I was not posting for the past two weeks, I have been taking outfit photos. I am pretty excited about the two places I took my photos at. Since I have sooooo much catching up to do, I am just going to work my way backwards.

I drove all over central Texas in the 5 days I was there, visiting as many relatives as I could. On Friday I drove from my grandma's house in San Antonio to my stepmom's family in Burnet, Tx. Along 281 I past the most awesome building. I made a u turn and doubled back just to take some outfit photos. You have to agree that it was worth it.

  jacket: Target sale
sweater: Target Sale
button up: Old Navy resale
skirt: H&M gift (Thanks Beth)
tights: Anthropologie clearance
heels: Lele Rose for Payless sale
necklace: unpossible cuts

Thursday, December 15, 2011

lela rose and payless

skirt: Anthro clearance
sweater: Target clearance
belt: Old Navy sale
tights: Target
heels: Lela Rose for Payless clearance

Just a shot to show what my glasses are typically doing...falling down my nose. Didn't catch the daylight today but my sister's camera (that I am using) takes pretty good indoor shots with the flash.
Can I just say how much I love Lela Rose shoes for Payless. I typically do not buy Payless shoes. They are always unbelievably painful. Their heels are not near cute enough to endure that kind of pain. Within the last year or two, Payless hopped on the trend of having designer lines at budget prices. This may have been going on longer but it just came to my attention in that time frame. Lela Rose in the only line of theirs I like. Christian somethingorother, who won Project Runway a few years back, has a line with Payless but I don't care for it. Getting to the $60 a pop, Lela Rose for Payless heels are not worth it, quality wise. The style is great but they are still pretty uncomfortable (Target heels are where it's at comfort + price). However, you can usually catch them on clearance. Then slip some insoles in and you are good to go!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

mocked by Anthropologie, as per usual

 dress: H&M
sweater: Old Navy clearance
belt: Kohl's
tights: Target
botos: Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's
necklace: Unpossible Cuts
The new Anthropologie catalog is as beautiful and unattainable as ever. One thought kept running thru my mind as I leaf past gorgeously style photo after photo..."These bitches are crazy!" I sat shivering in my apartment gazing longingly and disapprovingly at bare legs and strapless dresses. It is winter Anthropologie. Please do not mock me and my double layered tights and bulky sweaters by parading ads of stylish women in summer gear across the pages of your catalog that lands on my doorstep in December. It's just mean. Mean and wrong.

That being said, this was my interpretation of one photo in the catalog. It was of a light polka dot dress with a chucky knit sweater, thick belt and sherpa ankle boots. Oh and of course bare legs (shaking my fist at you Anthro). I have two pairs of tights on and a tshirt under my dress. It's freakin cold here no matter what the dumb ANthropologie catalog tries to get me to believe.

Monday, December 5, 2011

lady like posture

dress: vintage from New Bohemia
tights: Kohl's 
wedges: Dolce Vita for Target
The weather took a turn for the freezing cold today...not literally freezing but cold enough to make these short sleeves a poor choice. This dress is my latest score from my recent trip to Austin. My sister knows me so well now. She chose a happy hour spot just down the street from New Bohemia, the vintage spot I hit up every time I am in Austin. So while she and my mom had a drink, I walked up South Congress and did some shopping. I walked away with this royal purple number. It has a higher neckline that works well with a high ballerina bun. It is super body conscious though so I had watch my posture all day. That is my lady-like way of saying, I had to keep it sucked in all day. And there I when and ruined the illusion. You were all thinking it anyways. Right?

ps My picasa was refusing to upload there photos. This was last week, like Monday or some other day ridiculously long ago. Surprise life got busy again. Yall know my pattern by now huh?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

one lady leaping

skirt: GAP clearance
top: Old Navy sale
cardigan: Target
tights: Kohl's 
flats: Target
The weather this weekend was gorgeous. I spent a good deal of Saturday cooped up in my classroom, working on report cards. boo. But today I got out to enjoy a bit of my weekend in the sun. I went to the Alameda Antique Fair with my friend Deja. She is my antiquing buddy, always reminds me it is coming up and once there always down to share a giant bag of kettle corn with me. After a few hours spent wandering the rows and acquiring a fantastic sequin skirt, I trespassed (probably) and had way too much fun taking photos :) Lots of leaping was involved. I hope your weekend was equally as amazing. Bring it Monday, I'm ready for you.