Wednesday, April 6, 2011

big freakin deal

dress, belt, tights: Target
cardigan: GAP
boots: Kohl's

So I got my first spam comments. Does this mean that I am a big freakin deal now? Nothing says the big time like a plug for penis enlargement. I got an email saying I had a comment and when I clicked on it, imagine my surprised to see a message promoting penis enlargement. Those kind of comments are strictly for my super secret scandalous blog. (no such blog exists if anyone asks) So I deleted the spam and promptly added the word verification thing to my comments. Then I thought how annoying it is to have to do that everytime I comment on someone's page. So I am taking it off. Let the penis enlargement spam comments do their worst. Because I am so not a big deal. This blog is low key enough that I don't need to filter comments. But, mark my words, once I hit the big time, Mom, you'll have to quit with the penis comments. I'll then have a rep to protect.


  1. HAHAHAHA that’s funny! I still haven’t gotten penis enlargement messages from your mom…I must not be that cool yet! I love these awesome tights by the way.

  2. Thank you Rosy. I am sure you are cool enough but my mom's a busy lady ;)
    just realized I never took the comment verification back off. Doing it now