Monday, April 4, 2011

corsets are hot...literally

dress, top: anthro clearance
blazer: ???
shoes: Target

It has taken me until today to realize that the sun is now up long after I get home most days so hopefully this will be my last classroom photo shoot for a while. Take a good look my lovelies.
I so love Anthropologie but could never justify spending their outrageous prices. So I shop their clearance section exclusively. It's still a bit pricey but it's not going to make me have to dip into my savings. This dress I got last summer along with the top. I had never thought to wear them together. I waited a week to long to wear this outfit. I'm not going to lie, it got hot in these layers. Even taking the jacket off didn't offer much relief from the corseted, double layer, belt combo. Note to self: light and airy only from here on out

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