Sunday, April 3, 2011

ladies who lunch

cardigan,shoes: Target
dress: fossil
necklace: gift

Having Sunday off for the past two weeks has greatly improved my outlook on life and my general stress level. It is so wonderful to just have the day to relax and enjoy without having to worry about anything. Today a couple friends and I headed over to check out the new Nordstrom Rack. The plan was for shopping, pedicures and day drinking. SUNDAY FUNDAY as ladies who lunch!!!!! Well, shopping happened though I bought nothing, lunch was ice cream, no day drinking took place but we did get pedicures. And I sure as hell looked the part! I got dressed this morning but then got annoyed with my outfit feeling it wasn't quite right. My roommate pointed out that it is totally a ME outfit. Maybe this is what I didn't want. The same outfit I wear everyday. "Oh skirt/dress and a cardigan, how unique" I just felt over it for a hot second. Then I shrugged it off. Such a petty annoyance has no place in a glorious, sunny day for a lady who lunches.


  1. beautiful dress!!!

  2. I really love this outfit! I would never have thought of adding a green touch to a red/orange dress( which is amazing by the way) and it totally works!