Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sunny take on an old outfit

skirt: Banana resale
dress worn as a top: H&M
cardigan: Target
shoes: Seychelle's Hawk wedges on sale

So i am rushing off to work the second job. Just wanted to get this up now since when I get home I'll be dead tired. I wore this skirt and top in in the fall and it was one of my favorite outfits. For the spring I lost the tights and went with a light weight cardigan. I like how it came together. Do you see this gorgeous sunny weather we are having? Oh, I love California!


  1. Love the ruffles! And your shoes are amazing!


  2. I am totally loving the black and white / pop of yellow. So cute! (And I agree...those shoes are adorable.)


  3. Thank you Rebecca! I suppsoe you can tell I love them since I am wearing them every day :)

    Hannah, you like how I sneaking Kiribati in? :)

    Thanks for stopping by Ashlee!