Monday, April 25, 2011

warm neutral

dress: Kohl's clearance
camisole: GAP body
cardigan: Express (on loan)
shoes: Seychelle's Hawk wedges on sale
belt, necklace: Target

My Spring Break has ended and today brought me back to the classroom not quite ready to be back. The good news is that I have a new outfit post. I just can't get it together to post while out of town. My out of town trips tend to veer towards the crazy, whirlwind variety. Not so much the laid back, chill, relaxing sort.

This is not my favorite outfit ever. I've been drawn toward cooler, brighter colors lately and this warm, neutral outfit kind of just happened. Meh. It's fine I guess.


  1. I've always liked you in red...that is red, right? LJH

  2. so close :) It's orange but a red-orange.