Thursday, April 14, 2011

if it ain't broke

dress: vintage from New Bohemia
cardigan: GAP
tights: Old Navy
belt: H&M
platforms: Jeffery Campbell from Nordstrom Rack

I have got Spring Break on the brain. I can't blame my kids at all for being squirrely, actually they have been great. But I am so ready for a nice long week off. I'm going to get out of town, hopefully see some PC friends and get some beach time.

Can I sing the praises of New Bohemia enough? I don't think I can. That place rocks. This dress is from Montgomery Wards, remember that place. Is it even around anymore. The tag and label look pretty ancient so I am thinking no. The couple times I have worn this have always been with these sky high platforms. I probably should switch things up next time but they work so well with this dress. And if it ain't broke...


  1. This dress is amazing, and combined with that belt. Adorable!

  2. oh my goodness, your dress is just adorable. It's SO perfectly put together love it with the red bow belt + platforms. You look gorgeous! xx veronika

  3. Love the red shoes with the red belt!!

    Monique xx

  4. So I see you are wearing Jeffrey Campbells. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HIS SHOES! I've bought two pairs since I discovered him a few weeks ago. I want them all! Yours look great :)

  5. lovely dress, love the color of it!! and amazing shoes <3

  6. I think the general consensus is that these shoes rule my world. Thank you jeffery Campbell :)

    And yall are awesome! Thanks for stopping by.