Tuesday, April 12, 2011

too cool for school

dress: vintage from New Bohemia
belt: target
jacket: resale, $18 at Crossroads!!!
socks, heels; Simply Vera Wang at Kohl's (clearance)

This is going to be brief. It's late and my brain is zapped of everything save getting some shut-eye immediately.

This dress is my most recent vintage purchase from New Bohemia in Austin, acquired in February when visiting my little sis. That store never lets me down. The little socks are a trend I have hesitantly tried a few times are past few months. Verdict...I like it. Anything cute and girly is okay by me. It so reminds me of being 6 and begging my mom to let me wear socks with my jellies (remember jellies???) because I thought it was soooooooo cool. My begging did me no good and I never did get to rock socks and jellies. Ankle socks and heels...almost as cool. ;)

So I once again missed the boat on the EBEW challenge. I have been soooo wanting to participate so I submitted a maxi skirt outfit I wore a while back. I am a cheater-pants, I know :(
Maxi | Everybody, Everywear