Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wind blown and washed out

multi-tasking trying to take photos and talk to my lovely islandmate Jay-net!

dress (worn as a top): H&M clearance
skirt: Kohl's clearance
cardigan: Anthro clearance
belt, shoes: Target
broach: ???

I finally put the phone down since dealing with the wind, talking, and adjusting the camera proved to be way too much for we to handle all at once. Wowza it was so bright and the wind was a blowin! Most of the photos look washed out but I like it. I wore such light delicate colors today. I think the extreme brightness makes those colors look dreamy and pretty. I also have alot of patterns and textures going on. The spring green and white floral skirt, a light, mauve pink dress that is tulle and ribbon striped, the ruffled cardigan, the sparkly belt. Yeah this has a lot going on but it works. Don't you love it when an outfit just comes together?


  1. Your shoes are so cute! And I love this springy outfit.

  2. I feel stylishier just for having been on the phone with you in that picture! ;) You look SOOO adorable! Mbwa!

  3. Thank you much Mrs Rebecca!

    And Jaynet, you know you're a hot commodity!

  4. awesome outfit! love the colors & feminine detailing :) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  5. omg this is the most beautiful outfit yet. I love it!!!!