Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rocking the ugly skirt

Since today was Jungle/Tropical Spirit Day at school and I wore this...

I instead belatedly bring you what I wore on Monday...

skirt: Kohl's $8
top: Old Navy
jacket: Target clearance
belt: Kohl's sale
shoes: Dolce Vita for target

I saw this skirt at Kohl's and picked it up to try on. For whatever reason I put it back and my roommate commented on it being ugly or something. Well, I went back and got it. She says ugly, I say cute. I've always liked this midi length on myself and have several dresses this length. We laughed as she gave me crap about how hideous it is and rolled her eyes as I gushed about how adorable my new $8 skirt was. A small part of me kind of wondered if she was right and I decided if I could find at least 5 different ways to wear it, that would justify keeping it. The moment that my roommate said, "I hate to admit it, but you are rocking that ugly skirt" I knew I was keeping it.


  1. A tibuta! And a bee! I'm so happy. But you only posted one picture of it. I think we need a close up to the detail of the crochet. Or a picture of it untucked so we get the full effect of the 6-months-prego-even-though-that's-impossible look.

  2. haha I took photos tucked and untucked! Since these photos were not taken post-botaki I didn't need the camouflage of the untuck :)